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International Student Club welcomes new international students

Every year, the Czech Technical University hosts exchange students from all round the world, and this term is no exception. There are 215 newly-arrived exchange students for the summer semester, and they were all welcomed in Prague by the Orientation Week that is traditionally organized by the International Student Club and the CTU International Office.

Orientation Week took place from February 8th to 14th, though the International Student Club had been making intensive preparations since the beginning of the year. During the Orientation Week, students coming from various countries had a unique opportunity to register for their courses, learn more about student life in Prague and about the country itself, and also to get integrated into local student community. Orientation Week was not only a way to get necessary information and make new friendships, but also an opportunity to see some of the beauties of the Czech Republic (on trips organized by Czech students), to participate in social and educative games, and to enjoy great parties with a unique program and atmosphere. Orientation Week aims to provide an excellent start to a successful semester in Prague, and is a part of the systematic support for the community of about 500 exchange students each year that spend one or two semesters at CTU.