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Academic Bodies

CTU Authorities in Brief

Academic Senate
The Academic Senate is an autonomous executive organ of the CTU community. AS is elected by the academic community in such a way that each faculty is represented by three members of the academic staff and two students. The Rector`s Office, University Institutes and other CTU constituent parts are represented by two members of the academic staff and one student. CTU AS ratifies internal regulations of the University and its constituent parts, ratifies the budget of the University proposed by the Rector and monitors the utisation of funds, and as well as approving the CTU annual report and CTU financial report proposed by the Rector. AS is elected for a three-year period.

The CTU Rector is the top representative of the University and represents CTU in relations with other universities in the Czech Republic and abroad, with public institutions and state authorities, in particular with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, with bussines and with the general public. The Rector is responsible to the President of the Republic and in accordance with the law to the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports of CR. In his functions established by the law and specified by the CTU Statues the Rector is responsible to CTU AS.The Rector designates and terminates deans of CTU faculties, directors of university instiutes, the bursar and directors of other CTU constituent parts.

CTU management
The permanent advisory team of the Rector, consisting of Vice-Rectors, the Bursar and the AS Chairman.

Rector´s Gremium
The permanent advisory team of the Rector, consisting of Collegium members together with the directors of the constituent parts of CTU.

A Vice - Rector deputizes for the Rector in a range laid down by the Rector.


Outstanding representatives of technical branches in which the University is active are appointed members of Convocation. At least one third of the mebers are from outside the University. The Convocation of a public University elaborates the long-term scheme of the University and ratifies study programmes.

Disciplinary Board
Members of the Disciplinary Board of a public University, and also its Chairman, are designated by the Rector from staff members of the academic community. One half of the members of the Board are students. The Disciplinary Board deals with disciplinary offences of CTU students.

Board of Trustees
Members of the Board are designated by the Minister following negotiation with the Rector. The members should represent public organisations, the local authorities and the state administration in a balanced manner. University staff may not be members of the Board. The Board mainly addresses the Long - Term Scheme of the University and other issues put forward by the Rector or Minister - the budget of the University, the annual report, the financial report, evaluation of University activities, etc.

The bursar manages the university finances and the internal control of the University, and represents the University in bussines, financial - legal and administrative matters except in matters to dealt with by Rector, or if an exception is made in the law. The bursar oversees the financial management of the University. The bursar is the head of the Rector`s Office and manages its activities in all branches, except in cases when the Rector decides otherwise.