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International programmes

The university is involved in a wide range of international activities and in many organisations in the area of engineering research and engineering education. CTU in Prague is very active in the Socrates Erasmus programme, and has bilateral agreements with hundreds of institutions all over the world. The largest number of bilateral agreements are with EU countries, Russia and the USA, and the number of active agreements with institutions in Asia and in South America is also now growing.

Study and experience abroad

CTU has concluded a number of intergovernmental agreement contracts on the principle of university student exchanges:
1. European programs Erasmus a Leonardo
2. Exchange stay outside of  EU (USA, Russia)
3. Governmental and Organization Scholarship programs from all over the world. Do you have question about study abroad? Contact the Department of Foreign Relations RCTU.

Department of Foreign Relations RCTU in close cooperation with the International Student Club (ISC) prepares many activities and social gatherings for foreign students. If you are interested to observe or participate in international activities at CTU, visit the web site of ISC come and join. All activities are prepared by students like you! Therefore, don’t be shy and find out for yourself.

Already for 40 years this non-profit student organization arranges attractive foreign work placement in companies, universities or institutions IAESTE yearly enables approximately 30 CTU students to go abroad. These students thus acquire invaluable life and work experiences, deepen their language skills, discover culture of other nations and enrich their lives with unforgettable experiences. Conditions for participation and other important information are on IAESTE web site. We’ll gladly answer your questions about exchange programs at