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Pořádané akce

Competition for PhD students and graduates 
CESNET launched a contest for young PhD graduates and students in which the participants will present the case studies of innovative use of the current CESNET e-infrastructure services or propose new services and their uses for science, research, and education. The first three winners will gain a financial award: 100.000 CZK (approx 4000 EUR) for first place, 50.000 CZK for second place, and 30.000 CZK for third place. Our goal is to support young researchers and students and propagate usage of modern IT services in this community.

18.03.2014 - 28.04.2014

2014 PEGASUS-AIAA Student Conference 
A main purpose of the conference is to provide a forum for PEGASUS students to present technical papers in public competition and to give the students an opportunity to practice the presentation of technical work at meetings. Further important aim of the conference is to support a close relation among PEGASUS universities (see www.pegasus-europe.org), AIAA, and European industry related to aeronautics and space engineering. The conference will also provide the floor to present and introduce the company's products, ideas, and activities to students and academic staff coming from 25 technical and aerospace oriented PEGASUS Network universities from 10 EU countries as well as to discuss a potential cooperation. The conference is held under auspices of His Magnificence, prof. Petr Konvalinka, the Rector of the CTU.

23.04.2014 - 25.04.2014

Spring Ball of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences 
Come to dance at the ball of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences. You can expect a great dance orchestra and dance performances. Tickets (200 and 240 CZK; for students 150 and 190 CZK) can be bought in the library at the address Horská 3, Prague 1 (ground floor, Mo-Th: 9:00-18:00, Fr: 9:00-13:00), in the Department of Applied Mathematics at the address Na Florenci 25, Prague 1 (Tue 10:00-13:30, We+Thu 10:00-12:00, 13:00-15:30), and at the beginning of the ball directly in Masaryk dormitory, Thákurova 1, Prague 6. Reservations are also possible at the e-mail address hyksova[at]fd.cvut.cz.

28.04.2014 - 29.04.2014

Green Communications as an Enabler for Future 5G Mobile Networks 
Lecture: dr. Emilio Calvanese-Strinati, director of Smart Devices & Telecommunications Strategy Program, CEA-Leti, Grenoble, France. Find attached file for details.


POSTER 2014 
On May 15, 2014, 18th International Student Scientific Conference Poster 2014 is held at Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Both Doctoral and Master students can present results of their work. More information on www.cvut.cz/poster2014


26th Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology (SPPT) 
The Symposium on Plasma Physics and Technology (SPPT) has a long tradition and is usually held biennially. This will be the 26th Symposium. It was originally founded for the presentation of results of the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences (IPP CAS) in 1967. Since 1969 it has gradually become a Czechoslovak forum in this branch and many famous foreign scientists have made presentations. Since 1993 it has been held in co-operation with the Department of Physics, Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University (FEE CTU) in Prague. The symposium is of the European importance. There will be about 150-200 participants.

16.06.2014 - 19.06.2014

Vision and Sports Summer School 2014 
Vision and Sports is a special special kind of summer school. In addition to a broad-range of lectures on state-of-the-art Computer Vision techniques, it offers exciting sport activities, such as Floorball, Ultimite Frisbee and Table Tennis. What is most fun: the sports sessions are given by the same internationally renowned experts who deliver the lectures! As a student, you get the best of both worlds: high-quality teaching on Computer Vision, and lots of fun with a variety of attractive sports. This offers plenty of opportunity for personal contact between students and teachers. How would you like to beat your teacher in a tennis match ? Or play in the same soccer team ? This, and more, will happen at VS3!

18.08.2014 - 23.08.2014